Faculty facilities

Workshops and facilities

The Faculty has a broad infrastructure for teaching, study and research. The Faculty library is a physical library that complements the University Library with an easily accessible library of specialist literature. The Faculty workshop gives students a place to test their ideas using a wide range of model-building techniques. The Casino IT, the Faculty's computer pool, provides training rooms, specialized acoustic/visual simulations and a plotting service as well as numerous computer workplaces.

Another valuable element of the University of Stuttgart's architecture program is its student workplaces. During the first four semesters each student is allocated a workplace. Students in higher semesters can apply for workplaces, which are then allocated at random.

The Faculty workshop is a place of learning and experimentation for architecture students, where they can transform their ideas and designs into three-dimensional scale models using a range of different techniques. And where the product is an important milestone in the creative process. The wide range of possibilities afforded by the workshop plays an important role in the Faculty's research activities, particularly the materials testing equipment and large-scale prototype construction facilities.


Institute for Building Construction and Design, Chair 2

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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