Areas of specialization

Urban planning and [Bachelor International+]

Areas of specialization

Students have the opportunity to select an area of specialization. The following list sets out the requirements for specializing in urban planning and Bachelor International+.

Specialization in urban planning

Students on the eight-semester bachelor's degree program (last admission winter semester 2014/15) may specialize in urban planning; at their request, this can be noted on their bachelor degree certificate. The Institute of Urban Planning and Design (SI) will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

There is no specialization within the six-semester bachelor's degree program. However, we strongly advise students who are seeking a career combining architecture and urban planning or just in urban planning to enroll for seminars and design activities in a relevant elective area within the field City and Landscape. A study experience of this type might then prove beneficial for specialization within the master's degree program.

For this, students are required to provide evidence that they have
(1) completed the compulsory core study courses,
(2) obtained a further 18 credits from complementary modules, and
(3) completed a design project and bachelor's thesis on a topic related to City and Landscape.

Further details are set out in the Examination Regulations (§ 30) and annex 2 to the Examination Regulations.

Information & notes for download (PDF)

Bachelor [International+]

International competence – an indispensable additional qualification for a changing profession:

Today, a successful career in architecture and urban planning increasingly requires international and intercultural competence. At the same time, the international labor market offers graduates a vast array of new job opportunities.

Both involve, besides professional expertise, a high level of flexibility and the capacity to address new issues and to respond to multiple contexts. With this in mind, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning offers students a unique opportunity to acquire international competence through an optional program.

The Bachelor [international+] presents an additional qualification and provides students with a fundamental core skill in an ever-changing profession.  

For further information on the Bachelor [international+] please consult the Faculty's international office.

The one-semester study period abroad is not a Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning course module. Students wishing to spend a semester abroad must therefore apply for a vacation semester. A wide range of grants are available for the study period abroad (though not BAföG).

The coordination office (Koordinationsstelle) The coordination of this will be happy to assist you with any further questions. Please note that applications for many scholarships must be submitted very early – so make sure you find out the closing dates for scholarship applications in good time.

The Faculty issues the Bachelor [international+] certificate in addition to the bachelor degree certificate.

The additional qualification certificate will only be awarded to students who – in addition to providing proof of their international design project and their subsequent one-semester study period abroad – present the results of their internship or study period as a written report and as a contribution to the Faculty's annual Bachelor [international+] exhibition . Our Faculty may, subject to certain conditions, recognize the results of exams taken during the study period abroad for the regular bachelor's degree program.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning's international office provides the following services to help you prepare and plan the international additional qualification:

  •  Advice on integrating the Bachelor [international+] in your studies
  • Contacts and information on numerous firms and organizations and field reports from alumni
  •  Contacts and information on partner universities, application procedures and admission service for higher education in Europe (Erasmus+). The admission service for non-European higher education is processed in close collaboration with the University of Stuttgart's International Office (IZ)
  • Information on financial support and scholarships for internships/study periods abroad and help with scholarship applications
  • Support during study period abroad and help with problems that arise during the internship/study period abroad at the host university

The Bachelor [international+] offers the following additional elements:

  • Participation in an international design project: Students take part in one of the Faculty's international design projects. This entails a topic-related study trip and attending a workshop with local partners. The international design project is an integral part of the regular bachelor's degree program.
  • One-semester study period abroad: Building on their international design project, students spend at least one semester abroad to gain practical experience during an internship in a firm of architects/planners or organization. Our e1inszue1ns platform offers an opportunity for hands-on involvement in a socially engaged project. In some cases, it may be possible to spend the foreign semester studying at one of our partner universities – however we recommend a period of study abroad during the master's program.


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