Examination matters

DDates, deadlines, enrollments and exmatriculations, and recognition of examination results

Examination regulations

The "Examination Regulations for the University of Stuttgart's Bachelor's Degree Program in Architecture and Urban Planning" set out all formal details and rules regarding the study program. We strongly advise all students to read the Examination Regulations (Püfungsordnung) carefully at the beginning of their study program.


Examination matters

If you are switching study programs or have already completed a study program either in Germany or abroad and want to know what can be credited for your new study program, please seek advice from the Faculty examination committee

Each semester students must register all examinations that they intend to complete in that semester. The professors will announce at lectures what needs to be registered. A list will be displayed outside the Examination Committee offices. The examination numbers can be found in the coordination plan for a specific semester.

The general admission requirements for a module examination are set out in § 9 of the Examination Regulations. Only students who meet the terms and conditions set out in the Examination Regulations can register for a module examination within the published registration date. Registration takes place via the C@mpus online platform. A guide on how to register for examinations can be found at C@mpus.

5th and 6th semester students can find more information and dates in the respective lists of courses offered.

Examination registration dates are the same in all faculties of the University of Stuttgart and are announced by the University of Stuttgart Examination Office. All examination results must be registered through C@MPUS during the examination registration period. 

Students will lose their right to sit the bachelor examination for the Architecture and Urban Planning Bachelor's Degree Program if they do not do so within ten semesters. Exceptions are set out in the Examination Regulations.

Students may cancel registration for an exam up to seven days before the set examination date without stating reasons. If no examination dates have been set, the examination date will be assumed to be the end of the semester (i.e. 31 March for the winter semester and 30 September for the summer semester). Students who cancel their registration after these dates must state reasons. In the case of course examinations  and re-sits, which must be done at the next examination date, students must provide reasons.

If you wish to cancel your registration, please go to C@mpus and proceed as shown under "Cancelation of registration" on the  Examination organization webpages.

Students who do not cancel an exam registration will be awarded grade "five" ("failed").

For information on retaking examinations please see § 19 of the Examination Regulations.

Information on the issue of workplaces, courses, timetable and examination plan can be found here

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