Current Projects

The Faculty's research seeks to activate and collate knowledge from a range of separate fields in order to find solutions to the problems at hand. These research approaches are frequently interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, collaborative and integrative.

It is precisely this interdisciplinary approach, combining both engineering and design disciplines, that make the Faculty's work unique and which in the past led to it being described as the "Stuttgart school". The many current research projects underline the Faculty's prominent role and its commitment in research.

Current research projects:

  • First DFG architecture excellence cluster
    "Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture" (EXC 2120)
  • Transregional DFG Collaborative Research Center SFB-TR 141 "Design and construction principles in biology and architecture"
  • Real-world laboratories Future City Lab_Stuttgart; Sustainable mobility structure; Urban districts 4.0; City - Space -Education
  • Experimental structures/research pavilions/real-world experiments; BUGA wooden pavilion and fiber pavilion (2019), Urbach tower (2019), Adapter project putting temporarily vacant commercial property to residential use (2019), V&A Pavilion (2016), Schlafhäuser (sleeping houses) (2013)
  • Change Labs, "e1nszue1ns" platform as social design
  • Research network "Building Innovation in the Extended Digital Chain" (InnoChain)


Achim Menges

Prof. AA Dipl.(Hons.)

Head of Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Jan Knippers

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
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