Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning (M.Sc.)

Structure, content and possible specializations the architecture and urban planning master's program

The master's program in architecture and urban planning is designed to follow on consecutively from a bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning or a closely related subject, which is a formal application and admission requirement. A decision on whether applicants for the master's program meet requirements will be based on their application folder/portfolio. Applicants from outside Germany must also provide evidence that they have adequate German language skills.

The master's program in Architecture and Urban Planning leads to a master's degree which generally entitles the holder to be admitted to the chamber of architects, which is a prerequisite for practising as an independent licensed architect. Master's graduates can also go on to pursue a doctoral degree.

The Faculty offers an integrated four-semester masters degree program in architecture and urban planning. With their broad spectrum of expertise the institutes of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning introduce students to a wide range of topics. Flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing parameters are a fundamental aspect of this master's program.

The basis of the master's program is open discourse on aesthetic concepts, social contexts and relationships, technical innovation and the significance of current ecological and economic issues. Students will be expected to acquire this knowledge autonomously in projects and seminars which they will select themselves.

At the end of the master's program students are required to submit a master's thesis in which they demonstrate their ability to work autonomously, formulating independent answers to complex questions within a creative design process, and to respond sensitively to interrelated requirements.

The Faculty offers students seeking a career in urban planning and design an option of specializing in urban planning.

There are currently two sets of Examination Regulations which apply to the architecture and urban planning master's program.

Students who began their master's program before 1 October 2017 are subject to the Examination Regulations 2013. Students who began their master's program after 1 October 2017 are subject to the Examination Regulations 2017 (Prüfungsordnung).
The differences in the Examination Regulations relate primarily to the curriculum. For further information please contact the Faculty's Examination Office.


Academic advisory service for master's students

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