Outgoing students

Study periods, placements, internships abroad

The Faculty has many contacts to partner universities, thus giving both bachelor and master students an opportunity to acquire valuable new perspectives and impulses by spending some time studying abroad.

Study periods in other European countries can be organized through the Erasmus+ program.

For more information on this and how to apply go to:

IZ Website Erasmus+



Faculty website downloads (ILIAS)



If you wish to go to a university that is not on our list of study programs, you can plan your study period abroad yourself in a "free mover" capacity.

The Erasmus program also supports work placements/internships, etc. abroad; for further details go to:


The Faculty's International Office is also the academic counselor for study periods outside Europe; however, applications and organization are handled directly by the University of Stuttgart's International Office (IZ).

If you are interested in a study period outside Europe, you should sign up for an information session for the region you have chosen:



The Faculty's International Office will help you plan and organize a period of study abroad and assist you with choosing a course and getting study credits from abroad recognized.

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