Model collection

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning's collection of architectural design models comprises 270 models of buildings spanning the early modern period up to the present.

Its focus lies on buildings in Stuttgart and other architectural works and projects of the early twentieth century. The collection of bathhouse and spa architecture spans several epochs. For the most part, these and many other models were conceived as exhibits to be displayed at prestigious locations across the world. The results underline the close collaboration among teaching staff, students and workshop management, based on research, observation and experience. In many cases, all that the model constructors had to go on were limited planning materials and photographs. These reflect the methods of presentation that prevailed at the time of the original design, mirrored in the degree of materiality and abstraction. Particular highlights at the exhibitions are the models from the Faculty's permanent collection: Weißenhofsiedlung, Neues Bauen International 1927, Balnea, Soviet Avantgarde 1924-1937, Paul Bonatz

Requests for loans of models for exhibition projects should be sent to:

Institute of Architectural History
Universität Stuttgart
Keplerstraße 11
70174 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 (0) 711-68583290

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