Master's degree in IREM

M. Sc. Industrial Real Estate Management

The built environment constitutes immense cultural assets which are subject to a constant process of change. The function of industrial real estate management is to meet the societal challenges of planning and realizing these processes of change – original construction, extension, alteration, modernization and maintenance. Commercial and industrial construction accounts for around one third of German building activity. Moreover, real estate is a production factor which requires efficient and effective operation. It is one of the most important production factors for manufacturing companies, frequently accounting for more than ten per cent of assets, and generally constitutes the second biggest cost factor. Realizing these huge building projects at the right time, at the right place and in the right quality requires planning teams composed of experts from different disciplines.  

IREM is an attractive qualification and a valuable investment in your own future. The object of the four-semester IREM master's program, which is designed to be pursued parallel to employment, considers the real estate life-cycle – planning, realization, operation, commercial management – as a whole. It is designed for individuals who are already working in the industrial real estate management (IREM) sector and who seek to expand their international management competence both in Germany and abroad. Their role is that of "director of industrial construction". 

Our distinguished teaching staff and prominent partners from industry testify to the relevance of IREM and demonstrate the huge growth potential of the sector. In establishing this study program, the University of Stuttgart, the course advisory board (Studiengangsbeirat) and those responsible for the program are playing a pioneering role in providing training in the design and construction of buildings for industrial applications. We would be happy to welcome you on the master's in "Industrial Real Estate Management (IREM)" parallel to your employment.  

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