Master's degree in IUSD

M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design

Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design is a master's program organized by the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with the Ain Shams University in Cairo.

The objective of the program is to train a new generation of urban planners and prepare them for the immense ecological, cultural, socio-economic and management challenges brought about by rapid urban transformation across the world.

This study program is open to graduates and specialists from the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and spatial planning. We also welcome applications from graduates from other bachelor's degree programs or applicants with professional experience in relevant fields. Our underlying ethos is a cross-border exchange of learning among students from a broad range of regional contexts, which can be applied to specific urban circumstances.

Our joint IUSD labs are centers of empirical learning and are located in Egypt (IUSD lab, Cairo) and Germany (IUSD lab, Stuttgart). They are part of a network of international partner institutions and universities across the globe.


IUSD Course Coordination

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, K1

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