Student Council

Student council for architecture and urban planning

Welcome to our faculty!

It's great that you're here and have found your way to us in Stuttgart. We are the students of Faculty 01 and as such your contact for all questions concerning your studies. 

We have elected representatives on various committees, including the Faculty Council and the Study Commission, and are also heavily involved in planning the introductory course, as we plan a whole week of great tasks and information for the new freshmen every year!

We also plan joint events such as table football tournaments, the annual party and the Archfest. 

We also organize a lecture series: the Schwarzbrotreihe. During the winter semester, a lecture takes place every Wednesday from 19:00 in the Tiefenhörsaal 17.02 in K2, in which an invited architecture studio presents its project and its development. We can highly recommend attending this lecture series, because in addition to pretzels and beer, you will be offered an overview of many current influences in architecture and, above all, it will be shown that architecture is not just about design. 

On Instagram, we provide information about upcoming events, ask for your opinion and accept suggestions and feedback.

If you have any questions or problems, come to us - we can only make a difference and help you if we know where the shoe hurts! You can reach us by email at and on Instagram. But we are also happy if you just drop by :)

We meet every Monday at 6:30 p.m. to exchange ideas in the student council rooms (room 6.43, floor 6b, K1 - Keplerstraße 11).

Your advantages as an active member, apart from the contact with professors, the new knowledge of what goes on behind the doors of the faculty and the opportunity to make a difference, are playing table football, pizza, a great atmosphere and much more. If you are interested in the work of the student council, have a concern or are simply curious, just come to a meeting. 

Everybody is welcome! We look forward to seeing you :)


Student council for architecture and urban planning

Keplerstr. 11, D-70174 Stuttgart, K1 - 6th floor, Room 6.43, University buildings in city center

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