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Bachelor's Degree Program (B.Sc.) in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Faculty

Bachelor's Degree Program in Architecture and Urban Planning (B.Sc.)

Architecture and urban planning are the most public of all the arts and the built environment is everywhere, one simply cannot miss it. Architects and urban planners are responsible for the visual design of our built environment. They give spatial shape to needs, ethical values and ideals of society. We aim at motivating and committing present and future generations of students to preserving and improving the liveability, beauty and diversity of urban areas and landscapes. In so doing, they respond to permanent economic, social and technical change, shaping visions to forge the world of tomorrow. The constant challenge of balancing innovation and existing planning concepts and built environments, the search for all-encompassing approaches to solutions and the need to take account of the most diverse parameters are core tasks of the various and complex fields of work of architects and planners.


In our six-semester bachelor program students will acquire the essential basic knowledge for a career in architecture and urban planning along with the soft skills such as professional judgement and an awareness of social responsibility.

Our extended Bachelor [international+] course offers all students a unique opportunity to acquire international competence as an indispensable additional qualification for a career in a rapidly changing profession.

At the heart of this study program is the creative design process, which will generate solutions capable of meeting the complex challenges of modern societies. Which is why we teach our students a wide spectrum of subjects: Constructionurban design and planning, arts and design, and principles of building technology, historical, theoretical, social and economic principles.

In an inspiring environment we seek to teach our students to take pleasure in creative team work and equip them to meet the challenges of a constantly changing profession. 

To find out more of what a career in architecture and urban planning entails, please consult the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects website.


The bachelor's degree program in architecture and urban planning begins in the winter semester and has a regular study period of six semesters. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive, internationally-oriented qualification in architecture.

It covers the basic principles underlying the vast range of activities in architecture and urban planning. Our curriculum reflects the diversity and complexity of the professional activities, duties and responsibilities of architects. These range from artistic-aesthetic aspects to the technical skills required in building and design practice, also touching on the humanities and cultural sciences. There are five subject areas: Fundamental principlesart and designconstruction technologybuilding planning and cities and landscapes.

International orientation

In an increasingly competitive, complex and diverse academic and professional world, the Faculty seeks to provide its students with a comprehensive, scientifically-based, qualified and innovative grounding in the field of architecture. In this, interdisciplinary team skills and international experience are crucial. Through its additional Bachelor [international+] qualification, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning therefore provides all students with a unique opportunity to acquire international competence, requiring them to work on a design project in an international context or do a one-semester internship abroad as part of their bachelor studies.

Duration of study and degree

Students can complete the "Bachelor of Science" ("B.Sc.") degree in six semesters of full-time study. Successful students qualify for the Master's Program in Architecture and Urban Planning. The Master's Program in Architecture and Urban Planning lasts four semesters. After five years of study and subsequent experience in professional practice of at least two years, graduates are eligible to apply to register with a country's chamber of architects, both under national and international rules.

Career entry with the possibility of specialization

Master's students considering a career in both architecture and urban planning may opt for a specialization in urban planning, which will qualify them to be entered in the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects list of urban planners.

It may also be worthwhile taking urban planning courses as part of your bachelor's program. The Institute of Urban Planning and Design is happy to answer any questions you may have. An event informing students about careers in urban planning is usually held at the beginning of the winter semester. For further information please consult the Institute of Urban Planning and Design websites.



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