Specialization in urban planning

Master's students seeking a career in urban planning and design can specialize in urban planning. In most cases, they will meet the Baden-Württemberg requirements for a traineeship (Referendariat) in urban planning and one – if not all – requirements for registration in the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects list of architects/urban planners.

Decisions on registration are made by the Chamber of Architects according to the merits of the individual case. Information can be obtained from chambers of architects. 

  • 23 of the Examination Regulations for the Master's Program in Architecture and Urban Planning provides for an "urban planning" specialization to be indicated, on request, in the master's degree certificate. For this, master's students must have completed at least one module per sub-group from the urban planning specialization modules [217].
  • [2171] A design related to City and Landscape
  • [2172] A seminar on the history of urban planning and urban building typology
  • [2173] A seminar on concepts, methods and instruments of urban planning
  • [2174] A seminar on City and Landscape
  • [2175] A design related to building planning
  • [2176] A seminar on building planning
  • [2177] A seminar on general principles
  • [81740] Master's thesis, field of specialization urban planning

(for the modules assigned to the specific field of specialization, please see C@mpus / module handbook)

If you have any questions on specialization, please contact the professors at the Institute of Urban Planning and Design (SI) or Dr. Britta Hüttenhain or Dr. Sigrid Busch.

An information session on careers in urban planning is held at the beginning of the winter semester. The date and other information will be published on the website of the Faculty / Institute of Urban Planning and Design.

Master thesis

Please contact the professors about master's theses in the field of City and Landscape at least six weeks before the start of lectures. Information on master's theses at the SI/ILPÖ can be found on the SI website.


Academic advisory service urban planning

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