Information on allocation of Faculty workplaces

Students working on designs or writing their thesis can apply for one of our workplaces . Workplaces are available at the following three locations: K1 Keplerstraße 11, K4 Siemensgebäude, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 24 and Seidenstraße 36.
As demand for workplaces is generally very high, they are allocated at random.


Register through the applications portal, which is usually activated in the first week of lectures. The exact period is published each semester in the list of courses. The workplaces are allocated automatically and the results communicated by email.


You must pay a workplace deposit of € 100 to the University Cashier's Office before keys are issued. Forms for deposit receipt are available at the University Cashier's Office and the Dean's Office. Your deposit can be left with the University Cashier's Office for as long as you are matriculated or until you have no further need of the workplace.

The deposit will be refunded to your account on request to the Dean's Office.
Please note that this is not done automatically and that you must arrange the refund yourself. We regret that refunds cannot be made to third parties, even if they have been authorized by you.

Workplace handover

Some workplaces have to be handed over in person. The list of courses will inform you whether this applies to the workshop that you have been allocated. You will be informed of the scheduling by email.


Once you have been given access to the rooms, you can collect the key to the work room in person from the Dean's Office during office hours. Students whose workplace is in a room which does not have to be handed over in person can also collect their keys from the Dean's Office.

Please note that you will lose your workplace if you do not accept it within two weeks of allocation. Please contact workplace allocation if you are unable to accept your workplace, for example, because you are still abroad at the beginning of the semester.

The work rooms must be kept tidy and any trash must be placed in the appropriate bin. These are located in the courtyard of the Siemens building and K1 parking lot and are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have any difficulties please contact the janitor.

The conditions and rules for using workplaces can be found here.

Any workplace that is not allocated in the first round will be allocated in a second round two weeks later. So, if you miss out in the first round you may be lucky second time round, in which case you will be informed by email.

Please make sure that you organize the return of your workplace in good time. Desks and chairs must be arranged as they were on allocation. Kitchens and shared spaces must be left clean and tidy. Any personal items that you have brought into the workroom must be removed completely at the end of lectures. The workroom must be left in a swept clean condition. The room committee reserves the right to impose sanctions for non-compliance.

Students are required to be present in person for return of the workplace at the end of the lecture period. This applies to all workplaces, including those where the student was not required to be present for handover. If you yourself are unable to attend in person, you should arrange for someone else to attend on your behalf, and provide them with written authorization. Workroom keys must be returned when your workplace is formally handed over. If you are still working on your thesis, you can seek special permission to use your room for longer.

The exact date of formal handover is published in the list of courses. Please ensure that you know when this is.

Special permission is required to use the workroom after 10 p.m. Permission to work at night is granted for one semester at a time. An application form can be found each semester in the list of courses. The night-work permit also enables you to activate your campus card and access the architecture buildings using the electronically controlled doors.


Workplace allocation

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, Room 10.31/10.32 - Erika Ortiz de Harle

  • Wed 12.30 p.m.-2.30 p.m. Thur 9.00-11.00 a.m.
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