Information on allocation of Faculty workplaces

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning provides approximately 800 workplaces for its students. The workspaces for the different student groups are located in several buildings:

  • Keplerstr. 11, K1: workspaces for 1st-4th semester Bachelor's students as well as for some Master's students

  • Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24, K4: workspaces for Bachelor's students from the 5th semester and students in the Master's program Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Seidenstr. 36: workspaces for Master students writing their final thesis

  • Breitscheidstraße: Studios of the IDG

There are separate rooms for the Master's programs ITECH and IUSD. Students of these programs should contact their responsible supervisors.

Most of the rooms are equipped with digital locking cylinders, for which an activation is required. The activation is carried out by the responsible institutes together with the distribution of the rooms.

The "Conditions and Usage Guidelines for Student Workplaces" of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning are valid. These and a "Handreichung zur Verteilung der studen\schen Arbeitsplätze" are available in the download area on ILIAS. 

Starting SS 2023, the faculty will not charge a deposit for the use of workplaces. Those who have paid a deposit in previous semesters will have it returned. For this purpose, it is necessary to fill out the form "Data collection for deposit payment_new", which is also located in the download area on ILIAS. The form can be handed in at the Dean's Office or sent as a scan to The Dean's Office will arrange for the return payment to the account specified to be made via the University Cashier's Office.

Any workplace that is not allocated in the first round will be allocated in a second round two weeks later. So, if you miss out in the first round you may be lucky second time round, in which case you will be informed by email.

Please make sure that you organize the return of your workplace in good time. Desks and chairs must be arranged as they were on allocation. Kitchens and shared spaces must be left clean and tidy. Any personal items that you have brought into the workroom must be removed completely at the end of lectures. The workroom must be left in a swept clean condition. The room committee reserves the right to impose sanctions for non-compliance.

Students are required to be present in person for return of the workplace at the end of the lecture period. This applies to all workplaces, including those where the student was not required to be present for handover. If you yourself are unable to attend in person, you should arrange for someone else to attend on your behalf, and provide them with written authorization. Workroom keys must be returned when your workplace is formally handed over. If you are still working on your thesis, you can seek special permission to use your room for longer.

The exact date of formal handover is published in the list of courses. Please ensure that you know when this is.

Special permission is required to use the workroom after 10 p.m. Permission to work at night is granted for one semester at a time. An application form can be found each semester in the list of courses. The night-work permit also enables you to activate your campus card and access the architecture buildings using the electronically controlled doors.


Workplace allocation

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, Room 10.31/10.32 - Erika Ortiz de Harle

  • Wed 12.30 p.m.-2.30 p.m. Thur 9.00-11.00 a.m.
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