Faculty library

The Faculty library is a physical library providing a source of specialist literature for the whole Faculty. It contains a wide range of journals and a selection of literature with a cross-section of teaching and research related content.

You can use the library's user-friendly online catalogue to search by name, title, keyword and search term and numerous other categories. The library has around 100 magazines and journals, with the editions of the past year on display.

It also has a collection of plans. The cartographic collection is arranged alphabetically according to country and place; maps can be accessed using the online catalogue searching by all relevant data (place, year, scale).

For further information please see Faculty library.

In addition to the physical library at the Faculty, Stuttgart also offers students a number of other libraries providing specialist and research literature.

University library

Württembergische Landesbibliothek 

Bibliothek der Fachhochschule Stuttgart

Design library at the Haus der Wirtschaft


Faculty library

Keplerstr. 11, 5th Floor, 70174 Stuttgart, Room 5.03 – 5.09, University Campus City Center

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