4. August 2020

Indonesia Virtual Exhibition

The City In-Between, Designing with Urban Informality in Bandung, Indonesia 30.07.2020 – 30.10.2020

Dear all,

We are glad to invite you the virtual exhibition of our joint Indonesia Traveling Studio: The city In-between, Designing with Urban Informality in Bandung, Indonesia”, which took place in Bandung from 27.09 to 09.10.2019. 

The Traveling Studio is a result of the fruitful collaboration between the University of Stuttgart, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and the University of Melbourne, and aimed at exploring how a more inclusive planning can be created or initiated along the contested Cikapundung riverscape – a prominent green urban corridor in the city of Bandung, lined with dense informal settlements-. 

While the pandemic prevented us from going forward with our initial plans to organize a physical exhibition, we decided to adapt and go virtual this time. The following information will help you to navigate the exhibition and show you how to explore the work of the students in the best way. 

1. EXHIBITION LINK:  https://poly.google.com/u/1/view/c0iDVtty70X

2. HOW TO NAVIGATE THE EXHIBITION:                                                                                             

The exhibition comprises a variety of videos, recordings, and posters. 

Please follow this link to learn how to navigate the exhibition and access those files. 

Link: https://youtu.be/488HK_ZZwkw

3. WELCOME VIDEO:                                                                                                                      

Prof. Astrid Ley / Yassine Moustanjidi                            (University of Stuttgart)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo                            (Institut Teknologi Bandung)

Dr. Sidh Singtusingha/ Dr. Amanda Ahmadi                   (The University of Melbourne)

Link: https://youtu.be/IT9jZTHuoV0


We have compiled a summary of all posters in a booklet, which you can access through the following link: 


You can always access the full posters through the virtual exhibition. 

We wish you an enjoyable virtual tour, and we look forward to see you all again soon. 

Stay safe


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