IUSD Studentinnen im Doppelmaster gewinnt Preis für Masterarbeit

16. März 2021 / IUSD

Maria Valverde gewinnt den 1. Preis im DAIDA foundation Global Urban Thesis Award für ihre Masterarbeit, die sie an der Ain Shams Universität in Kairo angefertigt hat.

"The annual DAIDA foundation Global Urban Thesis Award acknowledges and supports master graduates who, through their work, help improve the urban infrastructure and living conditions for vulnerable groups in the rapidly growing cities of developing economies. Eligible participants are students and recent graduates of university programmes with an urban/environmental research or design component.

The theme for 2020 edition of the awards was Water and Development. Theses addressed topics like water supply, flooding and/or drought-related to urban vulnerable groups in the developing world, while also linking to one or more of the selected SDG targets for this award."

"This investigation aims to unpack the diverse water delivery configurations in informal settlements from the peri-urban hillsides. It draws on qualitative fieldwork in three barrios from the JCM settlement to underline their perspectives and experiences for water access, in contexts of climatic variability and uncertain future water availability. Highlighting the realities of under-theorized water supply practices in informal settlements will contribute to comprehensive water policy goals and sustained interventions of the water utilities that guarantee human rights to water, sanitation, and a healthy environment."

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